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The nicotine content found in tobacco plants can make users become addicted. Nicotine is contained in cigarettes, cigars, clove, or other processed tobacco products. Because of these addictive effects, smokers find it difficult to stop smoking. Nicotine is an alkaloid (base compound containing nitrogen), with a distinctive aroma and clear color. This compound will turn brown when exposed to air. This compound causes smoker's teeth to turn yellow. Smoking and health problems related to the effects of smoking, including the effects of nicotine, are global health problems, not least in Indonesia. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2015, showed that around 75% of Indonesia's population aged over 15 years are active smokers. This is the reason Nicotine is dangerous Nicotine is absorbed through the skin, mucous lining of the nose and mouth, or lungs through inhalation. When smoking, the nicotine produced can reach the brain within 10 seconds after the compound is
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